Sylvia is one of the premier studio product and food photographers in Southern California. After receiving her Masters Degree in Photography from Long Island University in New York, she assisted some of the top product and food photographers in Manhattan. "I have learned from the best teachers I could have had. I feel indebted to my college professor, Arthur Leipzig, who gave me the tools to pursue my dreams. I have also learned the business and lighting techniques from Terry Niefield and Ron Shwerin", she recalls. Sylvia later moved to Southern California where she opened and still has her studio in Irvine. She has been one of the few photographers who have successfully transitioned from traditional film to digital. She has been at the forefront of technology throughout the ever-changing business of photography. With her easygoing demeanor and passion for her craft, she and her staff can make any client feel at ease knowing they will get the imagery they are looking for.